Using Paid Search Ads to Reconnect with Leads

  • December 19, 2019
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Using Paid Search Ads to Reconnect with Leads

In the world of marketing, your lead list is one of your most valuable assets. But no matter how great your list can be, sometimes leads can step away for a while or lose interest. In order to keep them on the buying journey, you may need to redirect them to something that will grab their attention. That’s when you can pull out an important part of your marketing toolkit — retargeting.

Retargeting is a way of reengaging specific individuals through paid search or paid social ads — you can focus on certain individuals based on previous actions they have (or have not) taken online to divert them to the path you desire.

Within AIM, our own consumer marketing team uses this “trick” to continue to lead consumers towards purchase. “Recently we built smart campaigns within Hubspot to target contacts who display little activity with our emails,” said Collin Stewart, Executive Director of Consumer Marketing for Active Interest Media. “These campaigns actively and dynamically use paid social ads to increase the number of touch points to those contacts.”

As a brand building tool, retargeting is about keeping you in the minds of those who have already expressed interest in your company. It gives you an opportunity to reclaim potential customers in order to increase the likelihood of selling to them in the future. “As a brand, we go above and beyond traditional display ads,“ said Stewart. “Using marketing automation tools and paid search together is an incredibly powerful combination, which is why running dynamic retargeting campaigns has worked for us as a driver of sales.”

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