Social Strategy

Social media offers a world of opportunity, from building brand awareness to making your company a thought leader.

It also plays a vital role in research, whether you want to know more about your audience or they want to find out more about you. To those ends, Catapult offers comprehensive social media audits and actions, from grand scope decisions to granular best practices. Our mission is to help you engage, expand, and monetize your networks. We identify competitors, analyze metrics, and forecast growth to strategically place high-performing content on each platform. The result: a social following that generates revenue, traffic, leads, and brand awareness.

Let us help you start or join the conversation in a meaningful way, one that builds relationships, educates consumers and empowers sales. We’ll work with your marketing team to get the following critical tasks accomplished:

  • Engagement audits
  • Platform and content strategy
  • Content and interaction services
  • Analytics and measurement
  • Influencer campaigns
  • Social monitoring
  • PPC and search consulting
  • Lead generation
  • Straight-to-social video
  • User-generated content projects