Eldorado Climbing Walls

Integrated Marketing Campaign for New Product Line

Eldorado Climbing Walls


Eldorado Climbing Walls is an established brand as one of the leading custom climbing wall manufacturers throughout the world. The brand, whose mantra is “everyone should climb”, realized an opportunity in its product offering for kids. As it diversified its product portfolio by adding in-home installations that competed against outdoor playground equipment, Eldorado Climbing Walls looked to Catapult Creative Labs to market to this new segment and leverage its connections with Climbing Magazine to embrace a large targeted audience.

  • The Challenge

    Eldorado Climbing Walls aimed to disrupt the market by bringing a new line of easy-to-install climbing walls to family play spaces, but it needed a highly targeted strategy to get in front of this new audience while showcasing its unique versatility.

  • The Insight

    Most competitive brands provided large-scale, permanent climbing structures that were geared primarily toward gym goers. In contrast, Eldorado Climbing Wall’s new product line was a do-it-yourself (DIY) installation that is targeted to families – and, in return, competes with outdoor play equipment. Eldorado Climbing Wall’s saw an opportunity to partner with Catapult and Climbing Magazine to refine and distribute messaging for climbing enthusiasts and families alike.

  • The Solution

    Catapult developed a holistic marketing strategy for the new product line that incorporated an SEO audit, new webpages, media plan, creative content, and social media to support the launch. Additionally, the partnership with Climbing Magazine ensured that the program would generate interest from its readership.

    The multi-touch marketing campaign comprised three different family-friendly topics meant to draw interest from the climbing community and garner leads. Content was reviewed and vetted by experts at the magazine, and whenever a piece of content went out from Eldorado Climbing Walls, Climbing Magazine was quick to follow up with its subscribers.

    1. How Climbing Benefits Kids

    The climbing wall brand needed to introduce its new product line which was a first in the marketplace while targeting a brand new audience. Education was key.  As the first touch point for consumers, Catapult crafted a blog and social post that brought kids to the forefront by showcasing the perks of being a climber.

    1. Top 10 Climbing Games

    An important goal was for Eldorado Climbing Walls to be seen as an access point for all climbers, not just athletes or gym goes. That’s why Catapult chose to highlight a more playful side of the brand by giving their audience a set of climbing games they or their kids could play. This content lived behind a landing page, and those who were interested signed up to download a free copy. The download was promoted via email, social media and on Climbing’s social media channels.

    1. Customer Testimonials

    Eldorado Climbing Walls’ current customers were integral to building rapport with the new audience. By hearing customers’ journeys, Catapult was able to share the values and experiences while making personal connections.

  • The Results

    Our multi-touch marketing campaign was launched to Eldorado Climbing Walls subscribers in addition to Climbing Magazine’s audience, and drove substantial interest almost immediately. Close to 400 leads were generated and  one post became the most popular paid Facebook post Climbing Magazine had achieved to date with 120+ shares and 140 likes.


Project Details

As Eldorado Climbing Walls sought new opportunities to make climbing accessible to all individuals, it developed a do-it-yourself installation geared toward kids. The company hired Catapult Creative Labs to develop a multi-touch marketing campaign to debut its new product line.

  • Custom Content
  • Lead Generation
  • Paid Media
  • SEO Audit