ADM Animal Nutrition

Brand Strategy and Logo Design Case Study

ADM Animal Nutrition Forage First Logo


ADM is a global leader in human and animal nutrition and the world’s premier agricultural organization and processing company. Though the Animal Nutrition brand has an established customer base in the Midwest, in recent years the equine feed space has become more competitive amongst big brands, with more products touting a similar message. ADM enlisted Catapult Creative Labs to strengthen its brand and ultimately sway its key consumers towards its equine feed products. 

  • The Challenge

    ADM created a new line of equine nutrition products and tasked Catapult Creative Labs with developing a brand strategy that stood out against ADM’s competitors, appealed to a larger market share, and promoted its nutrition-forward philosophy.

  • The Insight

    A quantitative research study and several in-depth focus groups revealed that ADM’s equine nutrition brand was not as well recognized in comparison to its competition, particularly outside of the Midwest. Catapult found that female consumers—who valued health, quality ingredients, and scientifically approved formulas—were willing to try new brand feeds that held these same values

  • The Solution

    Because ADM’s long-held mission of providing quality, nutritious animal feed already mirrored the values of its potential buyers, Catapult knew the product itself was a good fit for its target consumers. Catapult created a new brand identity to support the new feed’s launch to the target audience. To help ADM’s equine feed products succeed on the shelf, Catapult developed a new brand strategy that will eventually stretch across all its equine feed product lines. First up: a a new equine supplement for gut health called Forage First.

  • Logo Design

    The Forage First logo needed to convey a healthy, approachable brand to capture its primarily female customer base.

    Typeface: the chosen serif font provides a softer, more feminine feel to the product line.

    Color Palette: the differing color options differentiate the product line while complementing ADM’s current brand standards.

    Iconography: the horse graphic gives consumers a clear visual about what the brand is selling.

  • The Results

    The Forage First logo launched the new brand with confidence and polish, while enabling it to connect with its target consumers more effectively. A full packaging overhaul is underway that will allow ADM’s portfolio of equine feed products to shine in years to come.

Project Details

When ADM was deciding if it wanted to create a new line of equine nutrition products, it tasked Catapult Creative Labs with conducting market research to determine needs and opportunities. After it was determined there was a need in the market, ADM hired Catapult to create its new brand identity and logo for its new line debuting in market in 2020.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design