HubSpot FAQs: Popular Questions, Simplified Answers

  • April 25, 2019
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Since we announced our HubSpot Agency Partnership, we’ve been asked a lot of questions about HubSpot, inbound marketing, marketing automation, you name it.

Read our top four frequently asked questions on marketing automation below.

Q: I don’t get what “inbound” marketing is?

A: If you are already investing in marketing (eg: advertising, content creation, paid social and search), you are already implementing inbound marketing. Inbound just means turning your website into a lead generation machine that pulls people towards you vs. you having to go out and convince prospects to consider you. HubSpot, or any of the marketing automation tools out there, just makes it easier to set up buyer journeys on your site, track metrics and make sure all of your efforts are not going to waste.

Q: Help! I’m just one person at my company handling all of our marketing. I can’t even think about adding marketing automation to my plate.

A: Good news. You are actually the PERFECT candidate for HubSpot. After the initial set up (which we can help with!), HubSpot is designed for the small, nimble marketing team in mind. It automates activities to such a degree that additional hires are not needed – in the long run, it will save you time.

Q: We are already using an email solution provider. Isn’t that enough? Plus, it’s a lot less expensive.

A: Maybe. But you may be leaving a ton of opportunity on the table. A report shows that using HubSpot vs. not using HubSpot could mean you are leaving a lot of leads to your competition. In the report, it shows that for B2C companies, those using HubSpot captured 294% more leads than those companies not using HubSpot. Depending on your CTA (cost-to-acquire), it may seem like an investment at first, but could quickly become a differentiator in terms of lead capture and revenue.

Q: I already do social media, email marketing and sales enablement. Do I really need marketing automation?

A: If you are executing across these three channels, congrats! You make a great candidate for HubSpot. HubSpot allows you to manage your channels, and your prospects and customers, through one singular system. It allows you a view into your customer experience and, by utilizing the free sales CRM, you can integrate your sales team into the process.

Still not sure if marketing automation is for you? We made this handy quiz!

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