Catapult Interns Tell All

  • November 26, 2018
150 150 Catapult Creative Labs

This November we are celebrating our 3rd Anniversary here at Catapult. While our minds are filled with nostalgia, we thought it was no better time to look back on our past few years, specifically at our collection of prized protégés! We asked three of our former interns to reflect on their internships with Catapult to give a little glimpse into their experiences. All three had very different, yet fulfilling experiences, and all three are currently working full time at Active Interest Media! Here’s what they had to say…


I started my internship in June 2017 with Catapult Creative Labs. I’ve always had a nerdy zest for marketing campaigns, especially in the outdoor industry and upon meeting the team, I knew I was in the right place to kick off my career. Catapult is stocked with versatile marketers and highly creative people. My advice to any intern is to ask a ton of questions, always be willing to learn something new, observe your teammates, work hard, have fun and take time to discover your passion and expertise. I relished my time as an intern and was thrilled when Catapult offered me a full-time job.


Max and Jackson at the CU Boulder Career Fair.


Interning at Catapult was one of the most beneficial work experiences I’ve had, not only because I enjoyed what I was doing, but because of how many different skills I was able to learn in such a short amount of time. Since Catapult is essentially a start up, every single employee, including the intern, has to wear many different hats. Within only a few days of being at Catapult, I was thrown right into the action, working on social media content, research projects, creative strategies, and many other jobs. I quickly learned to multitask and to be productive and efficient at any project I was working on at the moment. While hard work and commitment is certainly a staple at Catapult, our employees make it a priority to create a fun and friendly work environment. Everybody in the office wants to share ideas, collaborate, brainstorm, and help make sure that we all do the best possible work we can. This mentality amongst the Catapult Team made the work place made me immediately felt comfortable and accepted when I joined as an intern.


Jackson, Carlin and Kali at Outdoor Retailer.


Interning at Catapult is a great way to explore many different facets of marketing in a fun and relaxed work environment, while also having an awesome team of people to help mentor you. I went into the internship with a specific interest in event planning, so the Catapult team made sure to provide me with projects related to that field in order to develop my skills. For those that don’t know exactly what they are looking for in an internship, the diversity of the projects you will work on at Catapult is a great way to narrow down your interests and find your true passions. The office space is also unique in the fact that you are surrounded by the other companies that make up AIM Media, which allows for networking opportunities with industry professionals of your choosing.

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