Catapult “Catapults” Headlong into 2020

  • January 22, 2020
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From: Andrea Kupfer, Managing Director

I was answering an RFP the other day for a prospective new client and they asked for a list of “measurable examples of success our clients have had based on our work.” It was a timely question as it forced me to sit back and review the work we’ve accomplished this year and determine what some of the “wins” looked like. And it also allowed me some time to think about what 2020 will look like in terms of trends and where organizations are seeing real successes in their go-to-market strategies.

Catapult is a strategic “doing” organization. What do I mean? We are focused on the client, the goal and what needs to be done in order to get there. We like to work hard on behalf of our clients and, if I’m honest, often are so busy we don’t often stop and appreciate all we have done. So bear with me as I highlight a few accomplishments:

  • First up, we added nearly 20 new clients this year of all sizes and shapes and needs. This is, in itself, quite a feat and a testament to the strength of our portfolio and the deep bench of expertise on the team.
  • Second, we became a Hubspot Agency Partner and have added 2 new clients in the marketing automation space. Marketing automation is becoming more and more a standard in the marketing world and we know helping clients take full advantage of their tech stacks is going to be a huge part of what makes campaigns succeed or fail. Our Director of Client Solutions, Amanda Phillips, is an industry veteran in marketing technologies and has been instrumental in moving Catapult in this direction
  • Third, our custom publishing and storytelling capabilities are among the best in the business. Led by Christina Erb Lovullo, our Creative Services Director, we are now publishing three major tourism magazines, several association magazines and have published countless brand stories, articles and blogs – all with compelling content creation, integrated communications best practices and award-winning design. And we have been recognized repeatedly with industry awards and accolades
  • Fourth, our account management team has kept up with the new clients and the volume of new projects. New hires this year, Audrey Bolte, account manager, and Aashish Shrestha, project coordinator, have been instrumental in executing and managing the  project loads of our 35+ clients.

When it comes to measurable success, a few recent client success stories come to mind:

  • For a recent paid search and paid social campaign, we increased a client’s web traffic 30% within 30 days of the campaign launching on a nominal budget spend: we focused the campaign with a compelling ad delivered to the right audience.
  • After the launch of a new website and email campaign for a new client, the client closed a $50k client- within a week of launch
  • A new client projected a flat 4-5% growth rates for the year. We started working with them in September and they benchmarked a growth rate of 15% in November and projected to hit 20% in December

As we look into 2020, a few key trends seem to continue to appear:

  • Media and message consumption is going to continue to move to mobile devices. As phones get bigger, and eat into tablet market share, the consumer consumption of entertainment, news, and shopping is going to be more and more of a mobile experience. Digital interaction and content marketing need to adopt a mobile-first philosophy to take advantage of this ever-increasing trend
  • As marketers, social media is going to be more expensive to access as the stakes for entry are getting higher and higher. 2020 may see the rise in conversation around more regulation which may be become a game-changer for social media. What does this mean? Brand authenticity, compelling storytelling and owning your audience are going to become even more important in 2020 and will set the winners apart
  • Speaking of authenticity, the brands and organizations who align with cause-based organizations and movements are going to come out ahead. It is no longer the millennials who are paying attention to where they spend their dollars – I hear from all generations about aligning with, and purchasing from, with brands and companies that are doing real good in the world.

I’d like to say a hearty thank you to the clients and partners who joined us in 2019. We’ve loved working on your projects and look forward to another fast-paced and dynamic year in 2020!