Case Study: Utilizing Paid Search with NRHA’s “The Last Cowboy”

  • November 20, 2019
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Case Study: Utilizing Paid Search with “The Last Cowboy

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) is a non-profit whose purpose is to promote horse reining, a western riding sport that showcases the talent of both the rider and horse as they maneuver through a set pattern of circles, spins, and stops. 

In the summer of 2019, two major events happened that promoted the sport of reining to a wide audience: The Last Cowboy reality TV show premiered and the Run for a Million competition premiered. The documentary competition show, produced by Paramount Network, chronicled the lives of 12 riders in their pursuit to compete in the sport of horse reining. And the show culminated with the Run for a Million event in which these highly-skilled horsemen competed for a $1 million prize. 

When the events were announced, the NRHA contracted Catapult Creative Labs to capitalize on the general interest to try and drive memberships to the NRHA. Catapult leveraged the online traffic generated by these events in order to encourage NRHA membership enrollment as well as e-newsletter registrations. The online campaign, utilizing paid search and paid social advertising,  ran for a 6-week period that coincided with the documentary and competition. 

Not only did the campaign garner more than 700k brand impressions, but it also generated 330k website clicks. The average click-through rate was about 5%, but gained upwards of 8% during some of the weeks. In one month alone, traffic to the NRHA increased by 33% compared to the previous year. In all, the campaign provided 200+ e-newsletter sign ups.

Because of its success, the NRHA has continued to work with Catapult Creative Labs to take advantage of paid search and social campaigns for promoting future events including its 2019 Futurity event.

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