Top 4 Insights from Denver Digital Summit 2018

  • August 10, 2018
150 150 Catapult Creative Labs

Last month Digital Summit rolled through the Mile High City for two days of thought leadership and practical solutions designed to supercharge customer strategies. The Catapult Creative Labs team collectively attended over 25 sessions that spanned Amazon, content marketing, search, SEO, social media, video and beyond.

Our team weighed in on their favorite takeaways with tips for your business to implement today.

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How to Hack Facebook’s New Algorithm Changes

Presented by Carlos Gil, Gil Media

In early 2018 Facebook restructured their newsfeed algorithm as they thought it had become too devoted to brands and media. Now, Facebook prioritizes content that drives meaningful social interactions.

The Take:

  • The content that performs best is meant to start conversations, is natively uploaded to Facebook, and features fewer words and more imagery. Therefore overly promotional posts and clickbait content will be downgraded. This is, in part, to crack down on fake news and encourage more human connection.
  • Facebook will downgrade posts that feature third-party content. Uploading videos directly to Facebook will perform better than linking to other websites. Facebook wants to keep users on their site.
  • Facebook has taken note from Twitter and now encourages fewer words in each post. A good tip is to write text that is no longer than the length of the screen. Take advantage of the text box ‘real estate.’
  • Facebook will downgrade posts that have tagged others excessively. Facebook views these posts as spam.

Our Tip: Come up with a strategy for commenting and interacting with audiences. Two, schedule and promote posts in advance. Three, create VIP/private groups to connect with your fans. Lastly, share exclusive offers and stay away from click bait and third-party content.

Bloody Hell! And Other Marketing Truths My British Mum Taught Me

Presented by Michael Barber, Godfrey

Godfey interweaved humor with compelling case studies to illustrate the power of email marketing and why it still matters.

The Take:

  • Empathy matters. Brands that listen to their customers, respond to their needs and help create positive solutions for them achieve higher rates of success.

Our Tip: Look at your brand, its products and intended audiences—and ask yourself, “How can I make their lives better?” Then do it.

10 Critical Factors for Success in Content Marketing

Presented by Shana Sullivan, Vertical Measures

Sullivan’s session had a great lineup of content marketing considerations, from consistency to analytics. As a pain point for many businesses, Sullivan made the case for  cadence and relevancy in yielding a long-term ROI. 

The Take:

  • “Done is better than perfect.” If you wait to publish your content once everyone in the organization thinks it is perfect, it will never happen. Go ahead and publish, most likely it is digital and is easy to update.
  • “Nurture Your Leads.” Email marketing is not dead. In fact, email is still the preferred channel based on data from Marketing Sherpa. So keep the communication flowing!
  • “Prioritize Audience Over Brand.” Give your audience what they need and they will reward you by becoming brand loyal.

Our TipDon’t wait to jump on the content marketing bandwagon. There will not be a perfect plan. Instead you should continue to test and learn, allowing you to become more successful with each effort.

People Buy From People They Trust on cardboard in hands man

The Art and Strategy Behind An Effective Instagram Account

Just over a month ago Instagram announced that it reached 1 billion users. Interestingly, of those Instagram users 80% follow a business account and 200 million actively visit a brand’s profile daily. That’s a large pot of potential customers waiting at your actual fingertips.

The Take:

  • People buy from businesses they feel they can trust.
  • Relationships build trust.
  • Content builds relationships.
  • Thus, the visual experience of your brand combined with the right strategy builds relationships.

Our Tip: Make your posts aspirational, storytelling and vivid. Don’t just stop there: Ask intriguing questions, promote discussion by replying to positive responses, reach out and showcase your premiere customer service team by easing frustrated customer comments. The more you nurture and cultivate conversation, vs. talking at them, the more likely they’ll want to join in.

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