9 Tips for a Successful Web Seminar

  • August 20, 2018
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We at Catapult believe in webinars as an incredibly useful tool to grow your audience, build trust, solidify your brand as an expert, and get valuable metrics on viewership and engagement.

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Are you thinking about hosting a web seminar for your first time? Here are nine tips to make sure your seminar goes as smoothly as possible:

  1. Make sure you have a fast and reliable internet connection. Try not to host from coffee shops, hotel lobbies or public spaces.
  2. Depending on the application you use, most of the echoing and “feedback” noises come from someone who is both on the computer audio and on the phone. Choose one and make sure your web seminar application is set to only that audio option. Also, make sure you are not in the same room as another presenter or panelist. Two computers or mobile phones next to one another can also cause echoing and feedback.
  3. Use a solid, reliable headset/microphone. Try not to use speaker phones or talk into your computer speaker. Bluetooth headsets are okay but not as reliable as you would think.
  4. Log in early to test audio and run through slides, make sure transitions are ok and that you can use the tools, such as the pointer or highlighter (if needed).
  5. Turn off any email or IM apps so that visual or audio notifications don’t interrupt.
  6. When not talking, always mute. Even though most web seminar software apps automatically mute panelists or presenters, it’s always a good practice to be muted unless speaking. And make sure to mute via the application and not just your phone.
  7. Presenting to a computer without a live audience is weird and not natural. Try standing while you’re presenting – it gives you more energy and makes it feel more “official.”
  8. 99% of the time, seminars run without a hitch. For that 1% that might have an issue, remember, we are all human and authentic recoveries are appreciated!
  9. Have fun! We believe in the power of personality and playfulness in your webinar to cultivate a personal experience.

Want to discuss the ways in which you can leverage a webinar to attract or nurture leads? Catapult’s team is armed with webinar experts that execute hundreds of successful, lead-driving webinars each year. Email us at <catapult@aimmedia.com>.